Selling your home

Residential Services

Appraisals & Market Value (4)

Are there standard ways to determine how much a home is worth?
How do you determine how much a home is worth?
What about appraised value and market value?
What is the difference between list price and sales price?

Financing (4)

How does the seller determine what rate to provide?
What are the benefits of seller financing?
What is a bridge loan?
What is seller financing?

Getting Started (5)

How do you decide whether to add on to an existing home or purchase a new one?
How much can I afford?
Is it best to save for the ultimate dream home or begin with a less expensive starter home?
What are the advantages of owning a home?
What is the first step to buying a home?

Negotiating (4)

Any advice on negotiating?
Do I have to consider contingencies made by the buyer?
How do I respond to a low-ball offer?

Working with a Real Estate Agent (6)

Do I really need an agent?
How do I find the right agent for me?
Is the commission negotiable?
What is the most common type of contract for listing properties?
What questions should I ask an agent interested in selling my home?

Disclosure (3)

Are agents responsible for disclosing material facts?
Do I have to disclose information about my home?
What kinds of things are considered material facts?

Foreclosures (4)

Can a home be sold for less than its mortgage?
How long do bankruptcies and foreclosure stay on a credit report?
If faced with foreclosure, what are my options?
What types of foreclosures are there?

Lease Options (2)

How does a lease option work?
What is a lease option?

Tax Matters (7)

Are home selling costs deductible?
Are seller-paid points deductible?
Can I deduct a loss on the sale of my home?
Can I deduct improvements made to my home?
How do capital gains work when you sell your home?
What about repairs made to get the home ready for sale?
What if you have more than one home?